Linked In is the Way to Go!

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Linked In is a great way to network and get connected with people across the world. No matter if you are currently looking for a job/internship, you should have a linked in account. One never know when they will want a different job, or another internship. However, if an individual continues to build their profile, they will be a more reliable choice when employers are searching and in need for employees.

With the four tips I have created above, they will help anyone in need of becoming a Linked In professional.

The first tip I can give to others is to not be afraid to put yourself out there. Do not be afraid to invite people you do not know to connect on LinkedIn. It’s all about putting yourself out there and making those connections. Who knows when you will need a certain individual, right?

The next tip I would want to give you is to write a brief biography, or introduction of yourself. Tell if you go to school, what year you are, your major, and your job position. Also, I encourage you to add what you want to do with your degree after college. This will give others a little bit of information about yourself before they reach out to you personally.

My third tip I want to share is to add your skill sets. If you do this, people can endorse you on what they know you do best. If you also add your skills, this is another way people will be able to see what all you know how to do. Also, if people endorse you, anyone can see that so, it looks good when you have multiple people endorsing you. It makes you look like a reliable individual.

My final tip is to join groups that interest you. In doing this, you will be able to connect with people that have the same interests as you. This is good because you will be able to ask for advice and maybe even find internship possibilities within that group. With this, you will have connections with everyone in that group and you will be able to talk to those individuals.

With these helpful tips and tricks, you can be a Linked In professional in no time!

Bernie…Did You Feel The Burn?


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For this week’s blog, I decided to not discuss a normal campaign that lead to presidency. I will be discussing a presidential candidate that did not succeed in his efforts to become the President of the United States. Senator Bernie Sanders declared to run as a Democratic Party candidate. He targeted college students during his whole campaign. How did he target college students? Well, the first thing Bernie did was mention that he wanted free college tuition for students. When he spoke about this, it drew a lot of people, mostly college students to research Bernie Sanders more. College students do what free college. College can get extremely costly, depending on the institution you attend, but if it was free, students wouldn’t have to stress over it.

Another thing that drew people in was the idea that Bernie wanted to legalize marijuana usage. This got the support of anyone currently illegally using the drug. There could be ups and downs if this law would have been put into place. An upside to this law would be that anyone in medical need of the drug could get it without any trouble. However, a major downside is that people would misuse or overuse this law. Individuals would show up to class or work high, putting their grades and jobs at risk. All-in-all, I believe this law would have been a  poor idea to put into place.

Lastly, let’s take a moment to talk about Bernie’s campaign slogan. The slogan he chose to use was, “Feel the Burn.” Personally, I don’t what he wanted to achieve with this particular slogan. However, it was catchy, and extremely easy to remember. It also included a reference to his name, Bernie. Through repetition, it was easy for voters to follow, and helped them remember Bernie more.

Did Charlie Sheen Do The Right Thing?

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Charlie Sheen had a big decision to make. When Charlie decided to come out to the public that he was HIV positive, it caused an uproar. However, his public relations did a great job, in my opinion, handling the situation.

Sheen’s PR team were honest during this time, as they should be. They did not try to cover up that he wasn’t or try to get around the truth in anyway. For the women that Sheen has been with, they deserved to know the truth. They need to know this so that they can go get tested themselves. Also, so they can talk to the individuals they have been with after Sheen.

I also believe that FX made the right choice in canceling Two and a Half Men (When Sheen’s drug and alcohol problem came out to the public) until they found Ashton Kutcher has a replacement. If they would have kept the show on air, FX would have given out the message that drinking and drugs are okay, or that they are cool. Knowing that wasn’t the message they wanted to send, the fired Sheen from the show and canceled it immediately. I believe this was the smartest move on FX’s part.

Although Charlie Sheen took a lot of hits with the media, he definitely made the right decision. Also, if he wouldn’t of told the women he has been involved in, then that would be illegal. So, overall, it was better for him to open that news up to the public and not keep it quiet.

All in all, I think Sheen’s crisis PR was on top of everything that they needed to be on top of. They didn’t try to lie to the public about the issue. Which, is what a PR company is supposed to do about anything PR related. They can’t lie. Nor, should anyone ever lie.



Is Being An SID The Way For You To Go?

Megan Kramper
Megan Kramper by Indiana State University

Many individuals do not know what all being a Sports Information Director (SID) entails. Megan Kramper who is a SID at Indiana University has the answers to the most popular questions people ask. I had the opportunity to work with Megan at Indiana State my freshman year, where she served as the Women’s Basketball and Volleyball SID for ISU.

Megan Kramper graduated from Southern Illinois University. She graduated from undergraduate school in 2010, then graduate in 2012. Where she then entered into the SID world upon graduation. When asked what her favorite thing about being an SID is, Megan responded that she enjoys getting to know the athletes she works with. She loves getting to know the players, their family, seeing them succeed, and pursue other things beyond athletics. She also enjoys the gameday atmosphere and getting everything ready for the event.

If you have any interest in becoming an SID, you should know that there is no such thing has a typical week while a sport is in season. A team can play from Thursday through Monday or Tuesday through Sunday. An SID has to do everything from create graphics, promote the event, schedule the media to attend, and everything in between.

Megan began working for IU this year after working for ISU. I was very curious to see what made her make the decision to leave Indiana State to go to Indiana. She then talked to me about having a prior relationship with the Women’s Basketball coach at Indiana. With this connection, the coach talked to Megan about the position and wanted her to apply for it. This is a great example that networking really does help!

Megan does a lot more video work than she has done at her previous position. This is one of her most proud projects while she has been at Indiana University. Another project Megan has worked on is nominating athletes for awards. She feels rewarded when one her players receive the award.

PR has changed since Megan graduated due to social media. In 2010, Megan created the first athletic twitter page for Southern Illinois University. The sport was softball. Also, now, in PR you have more control over your message. You also have a lot more ownership over your messages now, according to Megan.

One tip Megan gave to me was if you want to be an SID, don’t be afraid to take a sport you don’t know anything about. For example, I work with every sport at ISU, and originally I knew very little about each sport. However, with me working with them, it forces you to know about them and learn. Another tip she gave me was to apply for a job you don’t think you can get. Finally, make sure you volunteer, volunteer, VOLUNTEER!

Megan is a great connection to have and is a great resource to answer any questions! Make sure you connect with her on LinkedIn!

Be a Blogger in No Time with Simple Tricks and Tips!

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Blogging is a universal language that many people use to help get their thoughts out to the public. If you aren’t sure what to blog, or how to blog, there are three tips I have that everyone wants to know. People can use a blog for many reasons. These reason include food blogs, fashion blog, personal blogs, and so much more! I entered into the blog world in high school as a way to express my personal opinions within a safe manner. With these three tips and tricks, one can be a blogger in no time!

TIP 1: Show Your Personality

Your blog should be a reflection on yourself. If you don’t have any personality, your readers will get bored. Your readers should be able to read your blog as if you were in front of them making. Don’t be afraid of being judged. A blog is a way to express yourself. Have fun with it and more importantly, BE YOURSELF.

TIP 2: Work on Your Photography Skills

Not only does one need to be a good writer, but they also need good photography. The best way you can get better is by practicing. As readers, we enjoy reading a text more if it is visually appealing. If you have great content, but not good pictures, you will still get your blog shared. However, if you have both great content and great pictures, you’ll blog will receive a lot more shares! Start working on your photography skills now!

TIP 3: Talk About Something You Have Interest In

When you start a blog, don’t write about things you have no interest in writing about. If you do this, you will tend to make your blogs really short, just to get it done. Write about something you are passionate about. Write about personal experiences, family, food, fashion, or public relations. Write whatever it is you are passionate about. If you are passionate about the subject, your readers will be able to notice that as well. Again, write about what you love, show your personality, and DON’T GIVE UP!

I hope that these simple tricks and tips will help you as you begin into the blogging world. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Express yourself. But, most importantly, HAVE FUN while you do it!