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Comment #1
April 10, 2017
Blogging Tips; Trent Buchanan
I really enjoyed your tips! I completely agree that you have to be yourself or else it sounds forced. If you aren’t yourself, then your readers could feel like they are reading a press release or news article. Another tip I thought was important for readers to know was they have to proofread. They don’t want to sound uneducated. Overall these are very good tips that everyone should know! – Allanee

Comment #2
April 10, 2017
Who Will Trust Your Organization In a Crisis; Diane Aboulafia
I really enjoyed reading this blog. As a sophomore Communication major, it taught me what to do upon graduation. A crisis plan is a great thing to have in place. If one doesn’t have a crisis plan in place then, they your clients will get there needs from another organization. Thank you for sharing your thought! -Allanee

Comment #3
April 17, 2017
Miley Cyrus’ Crisis at 21; Abby Miller
I completely agree that Miley knows how to get people talking. She used her songs that had controversy to make her video views rise. I agree, she did love the fame she was gaining because of this crisis. I also agree that she will make more money than I ever will. Unless, I randomly become super famous out of no where! This was a great crisis communication example!

Comment #4
April 17, 2017
How to help your execs avoid 4 common PR mistakes; Wojitek Dabrowski
My name is Allanee Quick. I am currently an undergraduate in Public Relations. I agree with all for of these mistakes. If you are not prepared, then it could ruin your reputation. Prepare for everything that you put out to the media! Make sure you only relate the key messages. You want to be as simple has possible, while still getting out the information. I agree that you have to think like a reporter if you want to understand the media. If you think like a reporter, then you can understand both sides of the scenario.

Comment #5
April 24, 2017
Kristi Deetz Interview; Abby Miller
I think that it was perfect timing that she talked to you about rebranding Vincennes University after Chris was just on our campus. It sounds like she leads a fun career! I think going to conferences is very important even after you are in the field. Sounds like you chose a great person to interview!

Comment #6
April 24, 2017
Media Monitoring Spotlight: How to use it has a tool for Crisis Management, Competitor Analysis, and more!  ; Cara Valle
Hello, my name is Allanee and I am undergraduate student studying Public Relations. In a course I am enrolled in we talked about crisis communication. I agree that you do have to keep your brand’s reputation in good condition. I also agree with that statement that you have to be on top if the conversation from the get go. The sooner you get a statement ready, the sooner the public will know your intentions!

Comment #7
April 30, 2017
Yes We Can! ; Nina Harden
I couldn”t agree more with the idea that celebrities have an effect on the “average individual.” I agree that Obama did make a smart choice in using the internet for his campaign.  He was the first candidate to take advantage of the “free campaigning.” Social media is a free tool, and because he took advantage of it, others began doing the same thing.

Comment #8
April 30, 2017
For Today’s Brand, Mobile is Do or Die; PR Biz Update
Hello, my name is Allanee Quick and I am studying Public Relations as an undergraduate student. The results of the study conducted, doesn’t surprise me. Personally, I know I am on my phone way more than I should be. These results say six hours, but I am easily on my phone about seven to eight hours a day. Which, is ridiculous. I wonder what would happen if everyone disconnected and focused on living life, and have new experiences.

Comment #9
May 8, 2017
What is Public Relations to You? ; Abby Miller
I absolutely love your infographic! It is so cute! Also, I agree that everyone uses communication. PR is always! We do a little bit of everything. Where I work, I am a media relations assistant. But, we literally handle everything, so I think your graph is completely accurate! Nice job!

Comment #10
May 8th, 2017
5 tips for more engaging online writing; Lucas Miller
Hello, my name is Allanee Quick. I am a Public Relations Major, in my second undergraduate year. I agree with these tips completely! You need to be able to connect with your intended audience, and if you don’t, they will stop reading. You also want to use simple words so your readers will understand what you intend to mean. Great tips!