Bernie…Did You Feel The Burn?


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For this week’s blog, I decided to not discuss a normal campaign that lead to presidency. I will be discussing a presidential candidate that did not succeed in his efforts to become the President of the United States. Senator Bernie Sanders declared to run as a Democratic Party candidate. He targeted college students during his whole campaign. How did he target college students? Well, the first thing Bernie did was mention that he wanted free college tuition for students. When he spoke about this, it drew a lot of people, mostly college students to research Bernie Sanders more. College students do what free college. College can get extremely costly, depending on the institution you attend, but if it was free, students wouldn’t have to stress over it.

Another thing that drew people in was the idea that Bernie wanted to legalize marijuana usage. This got the support of anyone currently illegally using the drug. There could be ups and downs if this law would have been put into place. An upside to this law would be that anyone in medical need of the drug could get it without any trouble. However, a major downside is that people would misuse or overuse this law. Individuals would show up to class or work high, putting their grades and jobs at risk. All-in-all, I believe this law would have been a  poor idea to put into place.

Lastly, let’s take a moment to talk about Bernie’s campaign slogan. The slogan he chose to use was, “Feel the Burn.” Personally, I don’t what he wanted to achieve with this particular slogan. However, it was catchy, and extremely easy to remember. It also included a reference to his name, Bernie. Through repetition, it was easy for voters to follow, and helped them remember Bernie more.


One thought on “Bernie…Did You Feel The Burn?

  1. First off, I love your title. Way to be creative with such a political topic. I appreciate that you broke down the campaign. You started off with the party he was running for, which was Democrat. You then go into who is target audience was. I like how you gave points on what he was all about. He wanted free tuition for the college students and to legalize the use of marijuana. I agree with you when you mentioned that you are not sure what he wanted to achieve for his slogan, “Feel the Burn.” I would go more in depth on why you believe his campaign was not successful.


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