Did Charlie Sheen Do The Right Thing?

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Photo Credit: Jason Merritt / Getty Images

Charlie Sheen had a big decision to make. When Charlie decided to come out to the public that he was HIV positive, it caused an uproar. However, his public relations did a great job, in my opinion, handling the situation.

Sheen’s PR team were honest during this time, as they should be. They did not try to cover up that he wasn’t or try to get around the truth in anyway. For the women that Sheen has been with, they deserved to know the truth. They need to know this so that they can go get tested themselves. Also, so they can talk to the individuals they have been with after Sheen.

I also believe that FX made the right choice in canceling Two and a Half Men (When Sheen’s drug and alcohol problem came out to the public) until they found Ashton Kutcher has a replacement. If they would have kept the show on air, FX would have given out the message that drinking and drugs are okay, or that they are cool. Knowing that wasn’t the message they wanted to send, the fired Sheen from the show and canceled it immediately. I believe this was the smartest move on FX’s part.

Although Charlie Sheen took a lot of hits with the media, he definitely made the right decision. Also, if he wouldn’t of told the women he has been involved in, then that would be illegal. So, overall, it was better for him to open that news up to the public and not keep it quiet.

All in all, I think Sheen’s crisis PR was on top of everything that they needed to be on top of. They didn’t try to lie to the public about the issue. Which, is what a PR company is supposed to do about anything PR related. They can’t lie. Nor, should anyone ever lie.




2 thoughts on “Did Charlie Sheen Do The Right Thing?

  1. I remember reading all about the mess that Charlie Sheen got himself into. He admitted he caught HIV because he was ‘irresponsible’. He admitted to the public that he should have been more responsible and concerned for his well-bring. I know that I read a article a while back about how he didn’t mind going to the public because he considered it a huge weight off his shoulders’. You are right with what you stated about Charlie Sheen, he didn’t lie to the public and he was honest with the issues he had!


  2. I agree that Charlie Sheen and his PR team did the right thing in discussing his disease. People needed to know of they should get tested or not and it would affect their future relationships. If Sheen had tried to coverts up then it would have made him look even worse. The best move was telling the truth.


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