Is Being An SID The Way For You To Go?

Megan Kramper
Megan Kramper by Indiana State University

Many individuals do not know what all being a Sports Information Director (SID) entails. Megan Kramper who is a SID at Indiana University has the answers to the most popular questions people ask. I had the opportunity to work with Megan at Indiana State my freshman year, where she served as the Women’s Basketball and Volleyball SID for ISU.

Megan Kramper graduated from Southern Illinois University. She graduated from undergraduate school in 2010, then graduate in 2012. Where she then entered into the SID world upon graduation. When asked what her favorite thing about being an SID is, Megan responded that she enjoys getting to know the athletes she works with. She loves getting to know the players, their family, seeing them succeed, and pursue other things beyond athletics. She also enjoys the gameday atmosphere and getting everything ready for the event.

If you have any interest in becoming an SID, you should know that there is no such thing has a typical week while a sport is in season. A team can play from Thursday through Monday or Tuesday through Sunday. An SID has to do everything from create graphics, promote the event, schedule the media to attend, and everything in between.

Megan began working for IU this year after working for ISU. I was very curious to see what made her make the decision to leave Indiana State to go to Indiana. She then talked to me about having a prior relationship with the Women’s Basketball coach at Indiana. With this connection, the coach talked to Megan about the position and wanted her to apply for it. This is a great example that networking really does help!

Megan does a lot more video work than she has done at her previous position. This is one of her most proud projects while she has been at Indiana University. Another project Megan has worked on is nominating athletes for awards. She feels rewarded when one her players receive the award.

PR has changed since Megan graduated due to social media. In 2010, Megan created the first athletic twitter page for Southern Illinois University. The sport was softball. Also, now, in PR you have more control over your message. You also have a lot more ownership over your messages now, according to Megan.

One tip Megan gave to me was if you want to be an SID, don’t be afraid to take a sport you don’t know anything about. For example, I work with every sport at ISU, and originally I knew very little about each sport. However, with me working with them, it forces you to know about them and learn. Another tip she gave me was to apply for a job you don’t think you can get. Finally, make sure you volunteer, volunteer, VOLUNTEER!

Megan is a great connection to have and is a great resource to answer any questions! Make sure you connect with her on LinkedIn!


3 thoughts on “Is Being An SID The Way For You To Go?

  1. Hey! I love reading your posts. I haven’t really thought of SID but I enjoyed reading about her position! That’s pretty awesome that you got to interview her. I love sports so I think this would be a really awesome position! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Great interview! I didn’t event even know that that kind of position existed (SID). But I also (like Abbie) like reading about her position. I’m hoping to get a position in sport so this was very helpful to read. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Hi, Allanee! First of all, I love your layout of your blog. It is very minimalist. One thing I pulled away from the blog was “Finally, make sure you volunteer, volunteer, VOLUNTEER!” This tip is so important because when people are usually volunteering it may lead to making connections. Thanks for sharing!


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