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Blogging is a universal language that many people use to help get their thoughts out to the public. If you aren’t sure what to blog, or how to blog, there are three tips I have that everyone wants to know. People can use a blog for many reasons. These reason include food blogs, fashion blog, personal blogs, and so much more! I entered into the blog world in high school as a way to express my personal opinions within a safe manner. With these three tips and tricks, one can be a blogger in no time!

TIP 1: Show Your Personality

Your blog should be a reflection on yourself. If you don’t have any personality, your readers will get bored. Your readers should be able to read your blog as if you were in front of them making. Don’t be afraid of being judged. A blog is a way to express yourself. Have fun with it and more importantly, BE YOURSELF.

TIP 2: Work on Your Photography Skills

Not only does one need to be a good writer, but they also need good photography. The best way you can get better is by practicing. As readers, we enjoy reading a text more if it is visually appealing. If you have great content, but not good pictures, you will still get your blog shared. However, if you have both great content and great pictures, you’ll blog will receive a lot more shares! Start working on your photography skills now!

TIP 3: Talk About Something You Have Interest In

When you start a blog, don’t write about things you have no interest in writing about. If you do this, you will tend to make your blogs really short, just to get it done. Write about something you are passionate about. Write about personal experiences, family, food, fashion, or public relations. Write whatever it is you are passionate about. If you are passionate about the subject, your readers will be able to notice that as well. Again, write about what you love, show your personality, and DON’T GIVE UP!

I hope that these simple tricks and tips will help you as you begin into the blogging world. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Express yourself. But, most importantly, HAVE FUN while you do it!


2 thoughts on “Be a Blogger in No Time with Simple Tricks and Tips!

  1. Allane these tricks and tips are great (I love that title!). Anyway, me and you both shared a trick/tip in our blogs this week “be yourself” or “show your personality” (as you put it). I think that is so important in blogging. Another thing that was a cool tip was to work on your photography skills. That is such a good point. Thanks for the tips. I can’t wait to read your blog next week! -Trent Buchanan


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